I find inspiration in natural forms and places, and the experiences found there. When I was in my twenties, I worked for 6 years as a white water rafting guide in Utah, forming a deep and abiding relationship with the river and its environs.

A few years later I built a small house in west central Wisconsin deep in the woods. I split my time working there to complete the house and establish a studio with working as a private gardener in the city. Plant forms and manners became a part of my visual vocabulary while working all summer to create environments of color for my clients and living out the fall and winter in the woods in my little house. When I began to work as a full time studio artist all of these experiences informed my work. I found myself carving landscapes and working with botanical themes.

In 2003, I moved to Saint Paul, MN. I return to my little house in the woods as often as possible. It is my retreat, my haven, my place to go to. Whenever I have the time away from traveling for shows, I pack up work and take it with me and just sit and carve for days, in my house, in the woods.

Living in the city has influenced my recent work. It is evolving from strict representation of organic forms, and is moving in the direction of abstraction, the images now becoming more graphic or iconic in their expression. After all of the years of working with line and color I am letting the work lead me. Most designs now develop into a series, especially in the tile work. Each piece informs the next and I am happily learning and following to see where it will take me next.